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Another Way to Connect

Connect With Us

So many ways to stay connected with us, or become connected for the first time:

  • This blog. If you are reading this then you got this one figured out. Read blog posts, comment, or use the donate link.
  • Email. This is the best way to connect with me (Johnny.) I tend to read emails before anything else. Sometimes it takes me a day or so to reply, due to the nature of our life and connections. Here are our address: [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Facebook. We have a page, We also have personal pages as well: and 
  • WhatsApp. 254723743212 for me (Johnny) and 254723687644 for Kate. Reach out and chat with us on WhatsApp. Send photos, short videos, whatever. In fact I really love using photos only to have conversations on this app.
  • Skype. You may have to let us know in advance that you want to call on this app, but we do use it from time to time. kate.brooks40
  • Facetime. I think you can use an email to find us here. [email protected]
  • Twitter. @johnnybrooks I never caught on to this twittering thing, but I am there.
  • Instagram. and 

So get to clicking and connecting. (What a line, what a line.)

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