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Last Day of November

Yesterday was my forty second birthday. I spent the day hanging out with the kids and climbing up the hillside. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. 

The life we are currently living is not the life I imagined for  myself as a young man gazing into the future. Not at all. About the only part I got right was Kate. 

I had not imagined having children. There are now fourteen, and one on the way, in my life.

I had not imagined living in Kenya. It has now been almost eleven years here. 

I had not imagined a life without religion. I am so glad that Jesus led me to a religionless life. What freedom!

I had not imagined building a farm. There are now pigs, horses, donkeys, cows, chickens, and rabbits outside my door.

This moment, right now, it is not perfect. There are things, resources, people, and skills missing from my life. No, perfection is not a part of my life. Yet happiness is. I am happy. Happy with how things worked out. I tried out some of my imaginings on the way to forty two, none of them brought me happiness nor contentment. 

Living out my faith, my ideas, my commitments to family; these are the things that have made me happy to see birthday number forty two.

What will the future hold? Hard to say. I can imagine a future with:

More children rescued and given a hopeful future.

Our children living their lives faithful to their beliefs and convictions.


A farm producing enough food for us and the hungry in this world.

I can imagine a better future, and hopefully just like that younger man gazing forward in time, this slightly older one will find that his future dreaming fell far short of what actually has come to be.

Touchy questions answered

Here are two good questions asked by a Facebook friend:

"Hi- does it make you nervous that you will have as many bio kids as orphans and donors won't want to support your own personal kids? Just wondering. Also- now that the adopter girls are all growing up, what will be the plan for funding the bio family?"

The adopted kids actually have a few years before they are out of our care, and we still have more adopted kids than bio.

As far as bio kid numbers and what not. No I'm not worried. I know many missionaries who have spawned more biokids than we have who get more funding than our entire mixed family for preaching and sharing the Jesus film.

We plan to always help the orphaned and widowed. We will follow our hearts on the details and keep folks informed. And we will do more community work as the kids grow out of our home. But even when they move, their education and rent and food is on us until they can support themselves.

Plus, our bio kids cost very little being home schooled. Most missionaries spend $15,000 of donor money a year or more on one child going to a boarding school in Kenya. Our education costs are just a few books gratefully bought by my parents each year for five kids costing around $350 for the year total. Our Kenyan kids have school fees, though, plus we sponsor other kids in school who do not live with us.

Our work in Kenya is helping people with practical needs, including being parents to those without parents. It is our hope people support us because they believe in us and care about these kids. Our bio children are a big part of that. They benefit the family aspect of what we do for our adopted kids. We are all equal in the Brooks house. Plus our biokids are growing up, too! They are a big help in our project, so donors are supporting more 'workers' by supporting them. Andrew is our mechanic, Makena helps with meals and creative projects like building things, and Butterfly manages all of our animals.

We are writing a blog tomorrow about why we are a project worthy of support as opposed to an institution. So stay tuned!