Piglets Feeding
Merry Christmas


Each Christmas I write a post about how much I dislike Christmas. (Last year's is here.) Which I really do, dislike Christmas that is. It is a terrible holiday. I much prefer Easter. All of which has been said before. So what do I feel this year? Particularly on Christmas Eve as I type this?

This year I am feeling melancholy. Don't misunderstand there are great things going on right now. I'm with Kate, which is spectacular. The kids of course are fantastic, and I do love them loving the holiday. Plus a baby is coming any day now. Not bad for the season. 

Yet the melancholy persists, which is unusual state of emotions for me. After pondering it a while I realize that I miss home. I mean my cultural home, Texas. I miss my Mom, sisters, brothers, and the myriad other family members. I miss all the decorations about town, the parties, the general good cheer that happens this week. I miss the Christmas specials on t.v. I miss Christmas.

Cannot believe that I actually miss Christmas, but well maybe I am getting soft(er) each year that passes, or perhaps I am just feeling homesick.

I am missing the good old United States of America this Christmas. 


At least there will be eggnog and mulled wine tonight.

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