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3rd Bath

News Media Fast

I am a consumer of news. I read several different sources on-line plus I generally buy the Daily Nation here in Kenya almost every day. I have always enjoyed being informed. I like knowing what is going on across the world, and am one of those rare people who actually enjoy politics.

That has changed over the past couple of years. I have come to realize that being informed is not all that useful. In fact it can be harmful. Anxiety, anger, regret, and a whole host of other negative emotions accompany the consumption of news media. Politics has become less and less enjoyable as the middle continues to disappear. (U.S. politics)

December will be a news free month for Johnny. I will not read, watch, nor discuss any current events beyond Kasambara (the village we live near) and Nakuru. I will not follow the U.S. presidential campaigns. (I am just going to vote for the Libertarian candidate no matter what I read or see on the news. Why waste time consuming what will not feed me?) I will not read about terrorism. The recent attacks in Beirut, Nigeria, and Paris have had zero direct impact on my life. Knowing about them has only added negativity to my otherwise peaceful existence. I am no better off for the knowledge. It seems to me that knowing of these things, seeing them, only adds fuel to the fire. It is what the perpetrators of these criminal acts want, attention. I will deny them that.

I will still follow news of a musical nature, I mean who could live without music? Plus perhaps news related to science. Otherwise I will black out all news of current events. All that extra time will be spent reading more important things, consuming art instead of voyeurism, and enjoying the peace and quiet. 

If I die from a lack of being informed on what is happening in France, well then you guys will know that watching the news is important. My prediction is that I will come out on the other side, January, better off. Very much still alive and happy without knowing what is happening in the world. 

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