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What is in store for us in 2016? 

Last year was a remarkable year for A Future and a Hope. We accomplished our goals and set out on the next phase in our journey. We put a floor in the house, expanded animal structures on the farm, sent the girls to school, feed the kids, provided health care, paid our two employees, and etc. etc.

Here are a few beginning of the year thoughts for 2016:

  • More focus on education. We firmly believe that school is one of the surest ways to remove someone from poverty and a life held captive in a slum. We would like to assist more children to be able to attend school this year.
  • Kate will continue to educate women on their bodies and options in dealing with menstruation. She is also considering expanding that education to include pregnancy and other sex related topics.
  • The farm animals will multiply again this year providing not only more food for us, but hungry people in nearby communities as well.
  • I, Johnny, would like to finish writing at least one of the books I am working on. Since moving to The Shire (our farm) I have been slack in my writing discipline. Time to finish at least one of my projects on the page.
  • Our older girls ( 21 to 18) will be experimenting with money management by living in a rented apartment off of an allowance while they attend their third year of high school. We are trying to prepare them more for a life in the world, and give them some more freedom then they can experience living in our home. The small apartment we have rented is within walking distance from us, and we will have constant interaction. 

As we roll with the punches this year the plans and thoughts will change, but that is just life. 2016 began with a bang for us with the birth of Starlette Sky Brooks, and I hope continues to be a good year.