Look, a Rain Cloud
Sold Nova, Our Little Bull

The Rains Have Come

Yipee! It is raining here in Kasambara, Kenya. In fact as I type this it is raining. The grass has already turned green again, and the trees are soaking up water. Hopefully the trees we have planted can do a lot of growing this rainy season so they will be strong enough to survive the dry season.

Speaking of rain we have a bit of an issue with our roof. The rain comes down from the hill with the wind sideways, and hits our house in such a way that it comes inside. Well it mists inside anyway. We have a plan to fix it, and with help from our friends over at Child2Child we will soon have a price on materials. 

Check out the two videos below. The first is Kate showing the rain in the house, and the second is me showing where we will stop the rain from coming inside the house.



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