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One Does Not Simply Drive to The Shire

Today I went to town and used my PHONE to pay for EVERYTHING.

See, here in the 'third world' we have this really cool, modern thing called 'mpesa.' Basically, we load money on our phone by going to a little shop, handing the guy cash, and then he sends it digitally to our 'mpesa wallet' on our phone.

In a society where most people do not have bank accounts, and having cash in one's house is risky, mpesa is amazing.

Mpesa is everywhere. I took a taxi and paid by sending 'money' to the taxi driver's phone number.
I paid for our 30 'day old' chicks the same way.
I paid for our lunch, our groceries, our cow feed, etc... all through my cell phone that has now turned into my virtual wallet.

I pay our workers this way, as well, keeping our house cashless and safe.

Pretty cool? Huh? Money from our USA bank can be sent directly to my phone, too! It is INSTANT. No waiting. No going to a moneygram office or an atm. It is like someone handing me cash over thousands of miles right into my hands.

It has its limits, though. It only allows $1,000 worth of transactions in one day, and that is the max amount you can have in your 'wallet' at once. But we find it is a pretty modern thing for where we live.

*We have been using mpesa for years, but thought it would make an interesting article!

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