How did that happen?

Connect with Us

There are many ways to connect with Kate and I.

This blog is one way, though admittedly we fail to keep it as updated as we should. Kate is a prolific Facebooker and therefore following her there is the best way to stay up on what is happening. I am there as well, plus A Future and a Hope has a page. Both Kate and I are on Twitter, though admittedly neither of us caught the tweet bug. We use Instagram, Goodreads, and I even joined this new thing called Mewe. My all time favorite is email. 

Connect away:

Facebook -    Kate Brooks
                        Johnny Brooks
                        A Future and a Hope


Twitter -        Kate Brooks
                       Johnny Brooks


Instagram -  Johnny Brooks
                       Kate Brooks


GoodreadsJohnny Brooks


MeWe -    I am not sure how to get an address but you can search for Johnny Brooks.

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