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Sitting at my desk, I am feeling overwhelmed with life at the moment. To be honest, I always feel this way when a cold is coming on so I have to just ride the waves of exaggerated frustrations until the virus passes.

With that said, I am glad to be logged in as myself on our blog for the first time in AGES. I hope to make a more regular contribution here. Johnny and I are night and day in just about every area of our lives. It keeps us balanced and hopefully will make our blog interesting! I just have to not stress about trying to please people and instead, try to be myself. So Hello! I have lots to talk about from parenting, home schooling, permaculture, horses, farming, off grid living, being a foster mom, cross culture parenting, to all kinds of other stuff... so please, feel free to ask questions. I will make an effort to answer them!



Here in Kasambara Kenya, we have two basic types of weather;  it is either raining or not raining. Fortunately, we do not have much extreme weather, just raining or not raining. The Shire, our almost twelve acres here in Kenya, depends on rain for water. We do not have access to any piped water nor do we have a well. We capture all the rain that falls on our roofs during the rainy season and store it in large tanks. We then pump the water from those storage tanks to a tank up the hill from the house and that tank feeds the house via gravity. Currently, we have a little over 100,000 liters of water storage (not full as our rainy season has just started.)
Water management is one of the top priorities here on the farm. We can not afford to waste any water. There are no flush toilets. You would be surprised at how much water toilets use. Instead, we use a composting toilet system. All the water from the sinks and shower (gray water) goes into a banana circle. Showers are limited and not every day. With careful oversight, our water lasted throughout the previous dry season. We never ran completely out. Nice.
Now the clouds have come and it is raining again. Tanks are filling, the grass has gone green again, and the temperature has cooled off a few degrees. The rainy season is our favorite.