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Blustery day!

Food Stock Up

Ok, enough 'horse' talk. It is not ALL we do at A Future and a Hope. We still are parents to our beautiful kids we birthed through our hearts and our hips.

School fees are paid for this middle term, and that is fantastic! What a huge relief.

We also are trying to get extra funds to stock up on food for our house, the girls' house, and several other homes as well because we have an upcoming election in August.

Our experience in 2007/8 was ca-razy. We had 35 refugees in our home and town was on a lock-down with it being somewhat of a 'war zone.' Getting food was a risk of one's life, so we hope to be a bit more prepared this go 'round just in case things go south.

We are hoping everything is peaceful through the election process. Past experience has made us a bit concerned, and there is tension, but we want to encourage peace among the various tribes of people. Love one another, k? Seriously. We are all just humans trying our best to do what we think is best so let's get along, alright?

Lack of rain this rainy season hasn't helped people's moods, and sky-rocketing food prices aren't helping either. It is worrisome.

Personally, we'd like to stock up on food for our animals and people, and some families in need, but we don't have a freezer for ourselves, so... that might be part of the need as well?? I don't know. I always feel guilty when we 'purchase' big items. We really try to be efficient financially by living with our minimum needs, but I do think that a freezer solar system would save money in the long run by giving us the ability to store things that go bad quickly, and therefore preventing so many long trips to town during the week.

Anyway, this is just a bit of info of what is going through our heads at the moment.

We are extremely grateful to those of you who love our little family and continually encourage us. You are a huge part of us buried deep in our souls. Love to you all my sweet friends.

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