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Blustery day!

Blustery dayIt is an extremely blustery day! On The Shire we have a 'windy' season. Lately the gales are so strong, they blow off the neighbor's roof on occasion.

We are frantically hoping for rain. I remember a time in my life when talking about the weather was 'small talk,' but now that my entire life revolves around the weather, it has become THE talk. Greeting friends in Kenya, we almost always ask, "Have you gotten any rain?"

The rains were misleading, starting on time, then suddenly stopping. Everyone planted, including us, with the assumption that the rains would do their normal thing this season.

Sadly, we are using every drop we harvested from those initial rains to water our garden. We have maybe one week left of water, if that.

This is not just small talk, this is us realising how important WATER is. This is us being mindful of how much we use to wash our hands, shower our bodies, pour on our plants, and use for drinking and giving to the animals. This is us collecting grey water in our banana circle to grow things.


Water is life.

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