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June Newsletter

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A Decade of Orphan-Care

Not everything works out. Sometimes failure is unavoidable, other times we can avoid utter failure. Rarely is it possible to have everything work out exactly how we want it to. We have been caring for our orphans no more for a decade now. Ten years of feeding, clothing, housing, schooling, and above all loving unconditionally. There are times when it feels like twenty years instead of ten, and other days it is like we started last week. We cannot report success in everything, but we can report success in the most important thing. Family. We have successfully created a family with our girls.

This family is not like a typical nuclear family, nope it is different. The foundation for family, love, is there. We are connected and will remain so throughout the years. Yet we come from different places and sometimes see the world differently. Our girls are growing up. Only one of them, Edith, is still a minor. All the others are legal adults and capable of making decisions without us. Which they do frequently. Each one of them are still in school and rely on us one hundred percent for their livelihoods. Legal adulthood is here and practical adulthood is just around the corner. 

Four of them will be graduating high-school this year. That means four decisions on four different futures will be made soon. Vocational school, jobs, relocation, and relationships are all part of those decisions that have to be made. They will not all lead to success. There will be setbacks, failures, and mishaps along the way. However, just like the past decade each of those misfortunes will be handled with a family for support. We and this includes you, will be there for them, and hopefully, they will be there for us when we need them.

We have succeeded in love. We have a family. We have also triumphed in keeping the girls in school. They are healthy and able to make wise decisions about their health. They have experienced love and have confidence in us. They know, even if some of them do not acknowledge it, that we are here for them.

When I put it down on paper, not all our endeavors have found success, but the most important, providing family, has and is succeeding

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