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I have been a mom to a plethora of TEENAGERS now for over ten years... Let that sink in a bit. I have managed to raise seven grownups (some only just at age nineteen, and all of whom are in high school still).

With those seven young adults, I also have five adolescents, one pre-teen, one child, and one toddler...

Some days are not easy. Some days, the kids (all of whom are girls except one) are quite emotional. Nine of whom are not of my blood, but born of my heart.

It gets real around here. It really does.

Today was one of those days. Today was a day when one teenager decided she just didn't want to be spoken to. At all.

Another decided she didn't want to speak to me. At all...

It has been a day of making kids do work around the farm as 'discipline' because I have no other idea how to get them to understand that they must respect their parents even if they 'don't feel like it.'

So here I am, in my little lounge with one teenager an arms length away (because there is no escaping them, haha), writing this little blog to let you know that if your world seems crazy and out of control, and if you feel like a lousy parent despite having clocked over nineteen years of parenting under your belt... You are not alone.

You've got this. It is ok to make mistakes. Kids know when you love 'em. They know when you are trying your best.

So there. That is all I have to say.

I am going back to being an adult today. Love you all.


Our Dawn of the Ice Age fundraiser has reached %110! Yea!

Thank you to everyone who gave and shared this fund raiser. You helped us achieve what we could not on our own. It may be an overused phrase but, "many hands make a light load" is a true maxim. We have already purchased some food items for ourselves and one other household. One of my favorite things to do is buy food for hungry people. It is not a way to save them or rescue them from poverty, but it is a way to bring hope (and a bit of nutrition.) To know that someone, or in cases like this someones, cares enough to go out of their way and help you, restores hope that things can get better. Hope is one of the first steps for someone to be able to get out of poverty. With that hope, one can start making a life that is worth living. Without it, well it is then just easier to stay down and out. 

As for purchasing the solar fridge set up, we will wait until the excitement over the election dies down. Hopefully sooner rather than later, and then I, Johnny, will travel to Nairobi and make the purchase. Our plan, currently, is to use the same company that sold us the solar hot water heater (thanks dad,) and have them do the installation. I am hoping to haggle a bit on the price and save some money, which will then be used to buy more food for more hungry people. 

We will keep all of you in the loop with pictures and videos. 

Again thanks to everyone who gave and shared. Plus thanks to Bob who coordinated the whole fund raising effort. 

Election votes in Kenya are being tallied. People are tense, but things seem peaceful here on The Shire.

I read that several have died in other areas of Kenya over one candidate claiming a rigged election. But let us hope that things stay cool...

It is always tense during politically stuff, isn't it everywhere? I try to avoid this stuff...

Thank you for supporting us with encouragement and love. We adore our friends out there.

Our little fundraiser is still going on, too, so you know. We have 91% of our goal! Please help us share it around.

Almost There

I have asked the kids what they would do if they had a freezer. Of course the first response is ICE CREAM!!! Obviously having a freezer will change our lives, but honestly, the mom in me is just looking forward to buying food food food. 

Our campaign is doing well. Twenty two folks have given towards our freezer and food campaign. We have reached 85% of our goal!! 

I thought I would take a moment to explain the details of what this means. We are buying a small chest freezer kit that includes an inverter and solar panels to run it. We will have the ability to make ice and freeze butter, bread, meals, etc... The entire setup will cost between $2,500-$3,000 because that is how it is buying solar stuff, unfortunately. 

We are not getting a refrigerator at this time because it would cost another $3,000. However, we think the freezer will be adequate for now. With that said, the other $3k we are raising is for food. We want to prepare ourselves and other folks for potential 'lock down' in case there is conflict between local tribes after the elections. Already, tensions are high, but we hope for peace.

If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them!! Thank you for your continued love and support.