Buying the Freezer!
Sent Home

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2017 and howdy 2018. 


We spent 2017 digging deeper into The Shire (our almost twelve-acre piece of land here in Kasambara, Kenya.) We did some learning on permaculture and have begun to implement some of it's methods here on the farm. Farming is not easy, but not too difficult either. Growing food is something that I feel is innate in most people and does not take much effort to learn and experiment with. We are working towards drought proofing the land and growing more and more food for ourselves and others. 

Our lives took a giant leap forward with the acquisition of a solar freezer. We now have ice and can keep meat for longer than a couple of days. Already we have put some of our own chickens, rabbits, and pigs in the freezer. More rabbits will go in this first week of 2018 if all goes according to plan, and about half of a piglet (or whatever is left over after the birthday celebration.)
We ended 2017 by giving a pig to a good friend who throws a party on Christmas Day for his neighborhood. We try and distribute as much meat as possible from what we produce here on the farm, and it sure was fun to be able to give an entire animal at the end of the year.
So much happened in 2017 and more is in store for 2018. As our children get older and require less and less from us as far as daily care goes the more time we can dedicate to alleviating the pain and suffering of folks here in Kenya. Kate will continue to expand the horse therapy program. The systems in place for creating the space for the children to have success in the therapy have to be worked out and fine-tuned constantly. Horses need to be fed, exercised, monitored, and groomed all the time. Kate feels the work is worth the results she achieves with the children. I will continue to expand our program to keep as many children in school as possible. Often times here in Kenya children are sent home for minor things such as shoes, uniform, not paying the lunch fee, books, etc. Little things too many of us reading this, but to the child's family it can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. We will also continue in 2018 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick and oppressed. 

Praying-hands-2539580_960_720I, (Johnny) have also ended my sabbatical of all things spiritual. So I will begin speaking again in Kenyan churches and sharing with groups. I think primarily I will focus on; God is not mad at you and living a peaceful life. Two things I believe are desperately needed here in Kenya.
Thank you to everyone who walked with us in 2017. Here's to another leg of the journey in 2018.
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