Thanks for telling me...
We Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends


It is dark. 

I have been fumbling around trying to find my contact lenses, get dressed, find the tea kettle and get it going in complete darkness. Birds are chirping so it is a sign that it is not TOO early. My watch says it is 5:45 am. Today I have a home schooling function for two of my kiddos so I am up early fumbling around trying to get ready.

I used to own a torch (flashlight). The kids always take mine, and I always let them. 

We don't turn the power on until 6:30 PM, just after supper. It stays on until we go to bed, at which time we turn it off again. Using solar is BRILLIANT. We don't have to worry about common black outs any more. The down side is that the inverter for our solar system still uses the battery even when the lights are off, so we just turn the whole system off every day in order to preserve the batteries.

Usually, we wake up with the consistent sunrise. It begins to rise around 6AM every day of the year give or take 30 minutes or so. It also sets 12 hours later every single day. Such is life on the equator!

Good morning from The Shire. 

Johnny is in Nairobi, Andrew in the USA, and I am home with girls only! Makena will 'hold the fort' with her baby sisters Eowyn and Starlette today while I take Emma and Butterfly to a function not too far from our home, hence the predawn wake up and this blog!

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