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Eating at Frog and Toad Canteen

Mid Term.

It is not something my home schoolers do, but our boarding school daughters get a break in the middle of each term where they come home and be with us.

Kids in carThis last week, we have had Edith and BT home for their mid term break. Starlette is over the moon happy to have her older sisters! She loves playing with them, and they enjoy being 'little mommas' to her. Of course, EVERYONE loves having them home because they are our family and are missed when they are gone. Lots of giggles and talking and football playing (soccer) has been going on, horse riding and game playing, too.

Since the girls were home, we took the opportunity to take all of our kiddos to a neighbour's a couple of kilometers away to eat some yummy food at Lemon Valley 'Frog and Toad Canteen.' I will admit, I was impressed with the food! They had everything on the menu, which is not normal in Kenya!

We ordered four pots of hot chai because it was a grey, cold day. We sipped our tea looking at the gorgeous (familiar to us because we live on the same hill) view. We did not order any sodas because.. meh... not good for us nor pleasant. For lunch, we ordered:

Crumbled fish fillet with chips Bt and star
Sausage with chips kid's
Sweet and sour pork and rice
Beef burger with cheese and chips
Tilapia and chips
Beef steak and mushroom sauce with chips
Paneer curry and garlic naan
Fried chicken breast and chips
Everything except the fish was grown or reared on or near the Lemon Valley Farm. In fact, the pork was probably one of our very own pigs because she gets them from us! Since we gave the owner a pig not that long ago, she decided to cut $30 off our bill. And in case you are wondering, our total was a whopping $68.50 for nine people (including Starry who didn't order food). For a meal in Kenya, that seemed a bit expensive, but I must say, everything was so fresh. I ate more purple cabbage salad than ever in my life because it just felt... well... almost LIVING!
SO if you are curious how much it costs to feed our family on a little outing (without Andrew here), well... there ya go! $68.50. And I highly recommend anyone in Kenya visit and eat there. It took a while to get our food, but it all came at the same time and was beautiful and well done. The beef burger was really small, but not much to complain about other than that!
And just to make things clear, we never go out. Seriously. This was the second time in a year that we went out as a family. So six months, two eating out trips... that's not too frivolous!
Thank you for loving our family and helping us provide a bit of normalcy for our kids.
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