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Thanks for telling me...

Today is Madaraka Day in Kenya. We celebrate 55 years of self rule this year. I love Kenya, her vibrant colors, diverse peoples, vast wild areas, consistent sunlight to night ratio, relaxed lifestyle, and well... just about everything about her.

Mowed Arena with our hillside in the background

While the country celebrates, Johnny is mowing grass for tomorrow's therapy session, the kids and I are bathing ponies for Horsepower, exercising them, and getting the arena set up; all the while, I am nursing a rib injury I acquired last week just before Andrew left. Who knew you use your ribs for so many things... like breathing, or moving your arms? Breast feeding Starlette on my left side is off limits. OUCH.

Andrew kissAndrew is in Oregon and already missing us just as we are missing him. He is extremely exhausted all while being inconveniently WIDE AWAKE at 2 AM, texting us because he's hungry, and only just realizing it is actually NOON (aka lunch time) here. His hosts are extremely kind and looking after him well already. He will adjust to the time change soon enough. Feel free to text him on FB messenger if you think about it. He'd love it.

While going about my day, I decided to call the group that is bringing disabled riders tomorrow. I expect them to tell me in advance WHO is coming so we can be prepared with the appropriate number of side walkers and volunteers. It turns out, they are closed for midterm and no one thought it important to tell me. Even during our last session, we put the next session on the calendar so I was expecting them.

Such is life in Kenya. One never gets used to some things. So this means that we have time to recover from the amount of energy it took to get Andrew ready for his big trip, which included a trip to Nairobi as well as lots of paperwork stuff. It is all very tiresome and nerve wracking. The good news, his travels went well, and he is safe and healthy, and most of his luggage made it.

Sarah m
Our brilliant daughter Muthoni

In other news, our daughter Sarah Muthoni is doing her practicals for her cooking school. We are very proud of her. Edith is doing well in school, as well. BT is struggling with some teachers at her school, but she is making good grades. We aren't sure how to sort out the issues she is having, but we are working on it.

On the farm front, we have over 30 bunnies, our 3 yr old Great Dane just came from breeding for the first time. Our pig is expecting, our baby cow is growing, we have chickens who aren't really doing much for us, but we get 3 eggs a day or so. We make several pounds of butter a week from our cow milk. The cats are eating mice and birds. The goats are just eating weeds, and well... the weather is amiable, too. 

Our tire treads

We need some help to restock food for everyone and everything since we spent quite a lot on Andrew heading off to the USA. We gave him some spending money, and the trip to Nairobi, etc... so if you feel inclined, please consider a donation to A Future and a Hope. One of our biggest needs apart from food is new tires. One looks like it can explode any minute. They are $350 EACH. 

I also hope to follow after my son and visit the USA in August (if possible). This is one reason I am not an emotional mess with him leaving right now. It would be my first trip in over 11 years. It would be extremely helpful if we could buy tickets soon for this adventure. A fundraiser may not release the funds in time for a ticket purchase...

Perhaps if someone loaned us the funds, then we could do a fundraiser and pay it back? I don't know. I am brainstorming here. We need about $4,500 just for three of us to get to Houston. Of course food, travel funds, etc. would be helpful... meanwhile Jesse Duplantis is raising $54 million for his 4th jet plane... (Shaking my head over here). I just want to have enough funds to feed people, maintain a decent supply of toilet paper in the house, get tires for the car, and travel to see my family and

Putting helmets on our therapy riders

friends in the USA for the first time in 11 years so we can thank the folks who have helped us over the last 13 years! Seriously, though, it seems overwhelming and like a lot to ask. 

Thanks for helping us continue bringing A Future and a Hope to these precious kiddos and being a light in the darkness. So many of you sacrifice for the sake of these precious children, and we are grateful. Our hearts are full, we are grateful and happy. We just have to present the needs we have so you know them. <3 

Loads and loads of love to all of our peeps out there. Happy Madaraka Day, and don't forget to communicate, folks! :)


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