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We Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends

Fourteen years ago when Kate and I moved to Kenya to work with "the least of these" we felt like God wanted us to forgo more traditional fundraising efforts and rely on our relationships with those we were asking for money from. We did not create a marketing campaign nor did we hire a professional fundraiser. Instead we shared our mission with those we knew and asked them to spread the word.

Over the years we have tried to stick with this idea. (Anytime we have deviated and tried something slick or more marketable it has failed.) Our fundraising has grown and morphed into something different than the fifty or so letters we sent out back in 2004 to everyone we knew, but essentially it is the same. We present ourselves and what we are doing and those who want to help do so. Not a bad system.

Sometimes when extra funds are needed we make a plea or run a special fundraising campaign for it. Example: Our campaign to raise money to buy the piece of land we currently live on. We were able to raise thirty-four thousand dollars in thirty days!

This is one of those times when we could use an extra bit of funds.

We find ourselves needing to renew work permits amid changes to the immigration policies here in Kenya. Anytime you need to deal with officialdom here it is expensive. I obviously cannot go into details here, but travel to Nairobi is needed, staying over, fees for this and that, and etc. We have had to spend money sending Andrew off, school fees, car maintenance, and so on and so on.

We need funds now. Like yesterday actually. Around $2,800 to cover everything and bring us to a place where we are back to normal. This is a plea. A serious plea. Can you help us to stay in Kenya and continue to assist the "least of these?"

If so here is how: Use Paypal and send to [email protected]

Use the Wave app and send to 0723743212

MoneyGram to Johnny Brooks (or Western Union)

Mail a check to: A Future and a Hope c/o Bob Humphrey 7909 Walerga Rd STE 112-141 Antelope, CA 95843 

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