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What is the most important tool in your kitchen?

Just the other day, I was chatting with my kids about how much we have minimalised our lives since moving to The Shire. We did this out of necessity because we didn't have the electrical power to power the normal appliances in an average kitchen.

I can remember back in the day when we lived 'on the grid,' and we had an electric mixer, stick mixer, blender, refrigerator, food processor, sandwich toaster, electric tea kettle, waffle iron, microwave, electric oven, all in our Kenyan kitchen. Our electric bill was atrocious. Back in the States, we had even MORE items. We owned a toaster, too! These are only KITCHEN items, not to mention household. Iron, washer, dryer, hot water heaters, what else? Oh, I know, dish washer, curling iron, hair straightener, rollers, to name a few... I can't even REMEMBER what all we had that sucked power from the grid.

There were times I felt as if my kitchen was crowed. I had TOO many things in there that didn't get used often enough. Am I alone in this issue? I thought that you might find it interesting what we ended up keeping out of all of our downsizing... and what we miss, too...

We actually own VERY FEW electric appliances now. In fact, in our kitchen, there are only TWO. The most life changing one is our freezer that runs on solar power. It should be obvious as to why it is important. Before last year, we had NO way of keeping things beyond a few hours. (FYI, I can write a whole other article on items that actually keep longer than you think outside of the fridge and freezer). With this said, we don't have a fridge, YET. So we must eat fresh food. Moving on to item number TWO that we use...

A blender. Yes. THIS is THE ONE item that has been spared the purge. I use a blender for so many things: blending cream until it is whipped or turned into butter, blending bananas into smoothies, blending pizza sauce made from fresh tomatoes, blending herbs in oil for pesto, blending hot sauce, chilies into oil, blending cooked beans into refried beans, cooked pumpkin in to soup. These are just off of the top of my head that I can list...

So a blender has served us to be the most useful tool in our kitchen.

We use a hand crank whisk for whipping things, and our hands for kneading doughs, but I admit, I do miss a stand mixer on occasion. I use a wooden spoon and man power to beat butter and sugar together... But I don't have much clutter in my kitchen, which is nice.

I must say that we do miss a fridge, but that is mostly because we have no way of keeping leftovers for a few days. Freezing them is tedious because if we want to eat them the next day or two, then frozen is time consuming to defrost.

I don't miss a microwave except when I want only ONE cup of coffee. I do miss a toaster from time to time. 

This was kitchen focused, but we also don't have a hair dryer or a vacuum. We don't have a curling ir0n or a washing machine... So you get the idea... There are many items we do without. I miss a hair dryer, honestly, because my hair is wavy and annoying. Still, I have learned to braid it while wet and get waves, at least. I have children and a husband who help significantly in the dish washing department, so I don't really need an appliance for that.

So there ya go! If you wanna throw out all of your kitchen appliances, a blender is the one I'd keep!

Blender breakAnd as life would have it, I actually BROKE mine yesterday and found out it is no longer on the market so a replacement is not possible. So we are down to ONE appliance in our kitchen-- a solar freezer, and it is an awesome freezer at that.

Go hug your fridge, people. Blow dry your hair with a smile. Iron some clothes with a smile and be glad you don't have to press them under the weight of your mattress. Toast some bread and grin and think of me... ok?


Love you all, my peeps!!




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