One in a Million
This smile is a miracle.

I love what I do

 I love what I do. (My family helps, too, but I feel I should write in first person)


I am not sure if these kids know how much I love them! The joy they bring when they come for our Horsepower sessions takes my breath away! 

As seen in the photo, I get LOADS of hugs and greetings from the children, most of whom do not speak.

It is not just about the kids, either. I know the struggle of being a parent to children who may not relate to you or connect with you. You can read some of those struggles in our three part blog here.

I do this for the parents, too, and the teachers. 

When you have a child with a disability, every milestone, every learning experience is a refreshing miracle. 

Sure 'normal' kids learn to walk and talk at certain ages, but for these kids, these milestones take much longer to develop, if ever. And when they do happen, they are that much sweeter!

P1350901I do this for them. I do this because in Kenya there are no programs like this. I do this because they are ignored, misunderstood, and scrutinized. They are considered cursed and unimportant, but to me, they are my world. They have value. They are learning and crossing milestones, and the parents and teachers are seeing these little 'miracles.'

And they keep coming. They keep adding more and more riders... At the moment we have more riders than we can accommodate. More on that in an up coming article!


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