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Optimism Concerning Fundraising

Happy Halloween

Happy halloweenHalloween is not celebrated here in Kenya, but Edith and I decided to mark the occasion. We watched Hocus Pocus and had chocolate. Good times. The last time I spoke with `Eowyn, who is in Texas right now, she was very excited to experience her first trick or treating. Tomorrow I am sure to get the report on the candy haul. 

Edith has been home from school for almost a full week now. I am not sure why but the third term this year was very short. She will be home for more than two months. (Normally she is at boarding school for three months then off for one.) I still had to pay the full amount in school fees for this shorter term. Oh well she does seem to be o.k. with being home from school for a longer period of time than normal. Education continues to be one of the best ways to bring hopeful futures to children here in Kenya, especially those orphaned or abandoned kids.

Hope you have good childish fun today.

Happy Halloween. 

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