25 First Lines

Rodney, of, fame. Had an interesting blog post where he listed the first line of the last 25 songs played on his Ipod. Now I don't have an Ipod, but I do use Itunes to listen to music on my computer. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I did the same.

  1. The devil's head is along the highway
  2. When I was a boy on my daddy's knee thats when he said these words to me, said listen to what I'm gonna tell you son, and you can help the world go round.
  3. If I plant a tree today.
  4. Yeah. Lord I barely feel alive doing nine to five.
  5. Honey, It's been a long time coming
  6. You are the Ancient One
  7. ooooh oh ooooh OH!
  8. Take all your medicine it's gonna make you well.
  9. Mama take this badge from me
  10. Sipping whiskey from a paper cup.
  11. Time keeps moving on, Friends they turn away, Lordy Lord.
  12. (instrumental)
  13. Outstretched neck you flirt with your eyes.
  14. Alice is a drag queen
  15. (instrumental)
  16. I'm sick and tired of watching over you.
  17. Me and my brother went to Russia
  18. You came into my life, you took me off the shelf
  19. Some say he was an outlaw that he roamed across the land with a band of unschooled ruffians
  20. I was born and raised an orphan in a land that once was free
  21. Alice is a drag queen
  22. When you first left me I was wanting more
  23. it’s natural, it’s a release
  24. Hey guys! Hey what! You know we are in the studio with Kemper Krab of Archangel?
  25. Three letter word. It rules the Earth.

Whew. That took longer than I expected, and it doesn't seem to have much meaning.


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