Blog Action Day 2009

Today is Blog Action Day 2009, and this year’s topic is climate change. How does climate change impact the work we are doing here in Kenya? I mean really is a warmer climate really going to make that much difference in the lives of these orphaned/abandoned kids? Is the climate change going to impact the poor we work with?

Absolutely yes. The developing world, which includes Kenya, stands to lose the most in this global warming stuff. Populations here are dependant upon seasonal rains to grow the food they eat. Farmers need the weather to be predictable in order to know how/when/where/and what to plant. If they fail, many will suffer hunger.

Currently the drought here in Kenya is wreaking havoc. I have no idea if it is caused by climate change or not, but I do know it’s bad.

I want to provide the orphans we are caring for with the best possible future they can have. This might mean we need to make some effort to reverse global warming, or if that is not possible to devise ways to adapt to a warmer climate. These changes need to be for everyone, not just the rich.

Without dealing with the situation, then the future just gets harder and harder for the kids we are helping.

Johnny Brooks