Email Hacked

yahoo hacked

Our [email protected] account was hacked from Brazil yesterday. If you received an email from us with nothing but a link in it, just ignore it. In fact for the most part we do not use this account to send any emails. Sorry for the inconvenience.




Note: This has nothing to do with Aprils Fools, a day which I detest. Though I did like this: https://mail.google.com/mail/help/intl/en/promos/blue/index.html

Email List

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The Junk Post

What an Easter Monday we had yesterday. Don’t worry we have not converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church, it’s just that Kenyan’s celebrate the Easter holidays from Good Friday all the way through Monday.

I started the day off by pulling that big muscle on my back, you know the one on the left side. Said muscle pulling occurred while I was digging up an access point for some plumbing from the shower, which was stopped up and spilling all over the side of the house. Wasn’t straining or anything, just twisted the wrong way I suppose. Still hurts as I’m sitting here this afternoon. Thankfully Kate was able to get some muscle relaxers, though I’m not so thankful for the nausea they are causing.

Despite the pain, though admittedly I numbed it a bit, I was able to grill chicken for the family, while Kate cooked deserts and side dishes. She and the kids also played games with eggs and boxes. All in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection of course.

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Speaking of email here are our addresses:

[email protected] (Johnny, mine.)
[email protected] (Kate’s)

Email is my favorite communication tool, though we are also on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and phone.


johnny-brooks is my Skype id, though bear in mind that I’m on a bad connection, and so not always signed in. Just email me if you want to Skype and I’ll make sure and turn the thing on. Kate is purechristianity

www.twitter.com/johnnybrooks (Though I still haven’t figured out why anyone uses Twitter.)

Why Me?

Back in December I was able to get an IPad 2, in fact two of them. I took the black one and Kate the white.

In no time at all I was doing 80% of my computing on the thing. Found lots of cool apps, uses for a more portable computer, and even one or two fun games. Synched music, learned how to use a touch screen, and even was organizing my gardening with Evernote.

Till one day it stopped charging. After determining it was not a problem with the plug, I decided to take it back for service/replacement.

Three weeks later I found myself in Nairobi, and at the official Apple dealer. Warranty still in effect, I figured they would replace it or fix it. Whichever, as long as it works when I get it back.

It will take three to four weeks for that to happen, or at least that is how it normally works according to the service dude.

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,



P.S. I’m aware this is not a big problem. In our lives/ministry we deal with such humongous and monstrous problems that every now and then I like to think on the small ones.

December Newsletter

Kate has written a newsletter for December. We only send these out via email (it’s just too expensive to send regular newsletter via the postal service.) If you are not on the list and would like to be fill out the form, which you can find in the left hand column. Do it soon, as December is right around the corner.

Also we are on Facebook:



I have a twitter account as well, though I have not been able to twitterize my life:


Staying in Touch

It’s a been a rainy day here in Nakuru, which is not a bad thing. Good for the farmers and my lawn. Though I am feeling a bit cold (fighting whatever virus is making it’s way through our family.) Good evening for a movie or a few t.v. shows.

Want to remind everyone of the ways in which you can reach us here in Nakuru, Kenya:

Via this here blog. Just add a comment and we will reply.

Via email: [email protected] for me (Johnny) and [email protected] for Kate

Via Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnnybrooks and www.facebook.com/kate34

Via Skype: I am johnny-brooks (send me a note that you want to connect on Skype. I don’t keep it on all the time.) Kate is purechristianity

Via telephone: Our country code is 254 then for me 723 743 212 and Kate is 723 687 644

Via the post office: Our Kenyan address is:

P.O. Box 2974
Nakuru 20100

U.S. address for donations is:

Kenya Fund
713 West First Street
Beaver Dam, KY 42320


I think that about covers it.